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Ice hockey is, alongside lacrosse, one of the two most popular sports in Canada. When winter comes around, it becomes the most popular sporting activity in the country.

Canada has also made a significant contribution in popularising ice hockey around the world. Its players and teams have shone wherever they have attended the sport’s competitions. For this reason, the game definitely deserves a website dedicated to it.

This site is a gift to the ice hockey fraternity. It is created for fans, players, or managers, and those who may be interested in getting inducted into the sport. A lot of useful information is served out in various articles within this site.

The articles are grouped into various sections for ease of access and relevance. These sections include the following.

Hockey Rules and Tournaments

For anyone to take part successfully in a sport, it is of essence that they understand its rules. That way, fans will know when to celebrate and when their team is losing. Players need regulations to help them decide which moves they are going to pull during matches.

Similarly, coaches need to understand the rules so that they can create strategies around them. They are guided by rules in deciding the players to field, for instance. Knowing the duration of a game, for example, guides a coach in making substitutes and picking the players with the necessary fitness.

This section of the website has various articles related to ice hockey rules. These articles touch on regulations such as fouls and penalties, as well as the importance of mastering such rules.

Teams and Tournaments

Whether you are new to ice hockey or a seasoned follower, this section has great takeaways. It touches on the teams that have made a name for themselves in the ice hockey world. It looks at the various records that such teams have made in different competitions and the factors that make them so popular among fans.

The section also includes carefully put together content about some of the most iconic ice hockey competitions. These include the NHL, which probably every fan of the sport knows, and others that do not come to mind every time the game is mentioned.

Referees and Coaches

Despite ice hockey being a team sport, it often witnesses individuals who display extraordinary individual brilliance. Some manage to have very long careers while others excel in attack or defence. Others could be coaches who propel teams to great achievements.

At other times, the sport has referees who become very popular for various reasons. This section identifies such individuals and mentions their contribution to the growth of the game.

Whatever relationship you have with ice hockey, you will enjoy the content found on different parts of this site. You will definitely be a better-informed stakeholder by the time you are through reading the website.