Popular Ice Hockey Teams and Tournaments

Ice hockey is a sport that is more popular in North America as compared to other parts of the world. This means you can enjoy the best ice hockey games here. The region also has the best ice hockey league in the world.

Ice Hockey Tournaments

Here are some of the best tournaments you can attend to get the real hype of ice hockey.

  • National Hockey League

This is the most widely known ice hockey league in the world. The league has a total of 30 teams which are from both Canada and the United States of America. This is the league that has had the greatest contribution to the rise in popularity of ice hockey. It has even influenced casinos into featuring it.

  • Kontinental Hockey League

This is a large tournament that is played by Russia and its neighbours. The league first included teams from Belarus and Russia. It then expanded and brought in China to participate in it. The league now has eight countries who are battling it out to win the competition. The league is increasing in popularity every year and the intensity of the matches is also rising.

  • National League A

This is a popular league that is played in Switzerland. Ice hockey is the second most-watched game in Switzerland after soccer.

Ice Hockey Teams

Ice hockey has a number of great teams from all around the world. Here are a number of ice hockey teams you must follow if you are a real ice hockey fan.

  • Boston Bruins

This team is situated in Boston. The team participates in the National Hockey League. They are also referred to as the Bruins. The team is one of the most focused teams in NHL as they place hockey before anything else in their day to day activities. It is fun to watch a much-dedicated team like this one take on opponents in the league.

  • Montreal Canadiens

They take part in the National Hockey League. They hold some of the best records in the NHL. This club has a very rich history in the NHL. The team is also recognized as the team with the most Stanley cups wins.

  • Toronto Maple Leafs

They are also called The Leafs. They are situated in Toronto. They participate in the National Hockey League. This team has a great history in the league which has helped win fans over. The team may be out of form but is slowly regaining its glory in the NHL.