Popular Ice Hockey Computer Games on Computers, Consoles and Smartphones

Technological advancements have made it possible for people to play Ice Hockey on digital gadgets. Nowadays, you do not have to be in the rink despite the fact that the experience is unrivalled. The games are installed on computers, consoles and also smartphones which are portable therefore you can play anywhere. Some of these games include:


This is the best Ice Hockey video game available and it was released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The release date for NHL 19 was September 2018. This latest version has advanced features, speed, action, acceleration and it is very responsive. The game enables you to play outdoor rinks and you can play it either offline or online. It has a new feature called the World of Chel that enables players to explore various modes.

Online Casino games

There are casino slot games that give you the Ice Hockey experience due to the Ice Hockey themes. Slot games are an especially great model since they can be developed based on various themes, including ice hockey themes. This model can be found on reputable gaming sites like Unibet. Apart from slot games, casinos offer others such as Blackjack, Craps and Poker. These games are awesome because of the thrill they offer as well as promotions like the https://unibetpoker.com/unibet-poker-bonus meant to reward loyal players

Bush Hockey League

This is a fictional league created for the Bush Hockey League. It was first released in 1970 and can be played either by a single player or a multiplayer model. The game allows you to experience playing Ice Hockey on screen. Its features are not as advanced as those of an EA game.

Super Blood Hockey

If you are not interested in a realistic Ice Hockey experience, then here is something for you. Instead, you get a computer-generated Ice Hockey. The game has a multiplayer feature that enables you to have a physical opponent.

Skills Hockey VR

This is a near-reality Ice Hockey game. Being a virtual reality game, it gives you the chance to play as if you are in the actual rink. This is a better experience compared to some of the above.