Famous Ice Hockey Referees

Referees are a key part of the team sport of ice hockey. They help in controlling and facilitating the smooth running of the game under the guidance of the basic rules of ice hockey. The presence of a referee prevents the occurrence of some ugly scenarios. Renowned referees are popular for officiating matches with transparency and fairness. Some gain fame for their controversial decisions. Favouritism undermines the quality of the game. Some of the most famous ice hockey referees include:

Wes McCauley

McCauley is a former ice hockey player. His playing career started in 1993 and lasted until 1997. He later became a referee and is currently an official of the National Hockey League. The 48-year-old played in the defence position during his time. He started his referee career in minor league matches and on 23rd December 2018, Wes officiated his 1000th NHL game.

Bruce Hood

The late Bruce passed on in 2018 after living a life being involved in various fields among them being an ice hockey referee, author, politics, and in business. He was an ice hockey official from 1963 to 1984. He officiated 1,033 regular games and 157 playoffs of the Stanley Cup. His refereeing life had some controversies. One of them was in the 1984 playoffs when he allowed a goal when the puck had not crossed the goal line and the goal was the only difference in a match that ended 4-3.

Kerry Fraser

Kerry is an active person when it comes to matters concerning ice hockey. The reason being he is a hockey analyst, former senior referee and also a broadcaster for the same. The 67-year-old Canadian presided over 1,904 normal season games, 261 playoffs and 12 finals of the Stanley Cup.

Stephen Walkom

Stephen is currently in his second term as the director of officiating and also the vice president of the National Hockey League. The 56-year-old began his refereeing career in 1990 and officiated the Memorial Cup Tournament. His referee uniform number was 24 and he oversaw 600 season games, 84 playoff matches and two finals of the same. Internationally, he has been involved with the Hockey World Cup in 2004.