Famous Ice Hockey Coaches

The success of an ice hockey team is hugely dependent on the coach who occupies its technical bench. A team may have top players in all positions but still, fail to succeed if it lacks a good coach. Coaches are partially responsible for either the good or bad displays you see on the rink during a game. If a game goes badly, the coach is definitely going to be on the receiving end despite the fact that he was not in the rink. Famous coaches in ice hockey history have had great achievements leading their teams to huge triumphs. Such famous coaches include:

William Scott Bowman

Bowman is a retired Canadian veteran ice National Hockey League coach. He was born in September 1933 and holds a number of records, one of them being the most wins in a league. He had 1,248 in one standard season. In the Stanley Cup Playoffs, he has 223 wins. When it comes to The Stanley Cup overall victories, Scott is second with 14 after Jean Beliveau. Despite being retired, he is currently the Chicago Blackhawks Senior Hockey Operations Advisor, a team managed by his son. In his lengthy career, he has managed teams like Montreal Canadiens, Buffalo Sabres, and St. Louis Blues among others.

Joel Quenneville

Joel has spent the better part of his life being involved in hockey either as a player or a coach. During his playing time from 1978 to 1992, he played in the defence position and played for a number of teams. He started his coaching career in 1996 and is still doing it to date at Florida Panthers. The 61-year-old has won the Stanley Cup three times in 2010, 2013 and 2015.

Barry Trotz

The professional Canadian ice hockey coach is currently the head coach for the New York Islanders that participates in the National Hockey League. He started his profession in 1984 and has managed teams such as Portland Pirates, Washington Capitals, Baltimore Skipjacks just to name a few. In 2018, he won the Stanley Cup. He was once the assistant coach of the Canadian men’s ice hockey team. In 2003, they won the gold medal and the silver medal in 2009.

Mike Babcock

Babcock was born in 1963 and was once an ice hockey player who later transitioned to a coach. The Canadian’s most recent team to manage is the Toronto Maple Leafs which takes part in the NHL. In 2008, Mike won his sole Stanley Cup with Detroit Red Wings, a team he managed for ten seasons. He also helped the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim get to the finals of the Stanley Cup in 2003.

Lindy Ruff

Lindy Ruff was once a player at New York Rangers and Buffalo Sabres before he became a professional coach in 1993, a job he does to date. He is currently an assistant coach at New York Rangers. Previously, he has been a coach at Buffalo Sabres and Dallas Stars. He has also been involved with the Canada Olympic Hockey Team in 2014.